Tom Kent begins syndication with “Hall of Fame Coast to Coast” a five hour oldies based weekend show starting in three markets.  They are Memphis, TN, Erie, PA, and Wichata Falls, TX. 


“Hall of Fame Coast to Coast” celebrates one year on the air with some fifty affiliates and a live broadcast at the original Krispy Kreme doughnut location in Winston-Salem, NC which is Tom Kent’s hometown with over 3,000 in attendance!  


Tom Kent begins live Monday through Friday daily satellite fed oldies show. 


Tom Kent launches “Into the 70s” which is a five hour weekend seventies themed show rounding out his daily offerings to seven days a week live via satellite. 


Tom Kent programming eclipses the 100 station mark in affiliates.


Tom Kent takes six month sabbatical.


Tom Kent Radio Network launches with all new programming including “My 70s Show” on Sunday’s, “Tom Kent” Monday through Friday, and “The Ultimate Party” on Saturday all delivered live via satellite.  TKRN inks a one year sales and distribution agreement with Dial Global.


“Your Live Request Show” which is a classic hits program where listeners pick the music launches. TKRN inks three year sales and distribution agreement with ABC Radio Network.


Tom Kent Radio Network reaches 200 affiliates.  TKRN launches “C.L.A.S.S.” which stands for customized linked automatic system solution.  It’s an all new way of delivering TKRN content to local radio stations.  Tom Kent is invited to National Association of Broadcasters convention in Washington, DC to speak about new proprietary TKRN syndicated techniques and technologies.  TKRN launches a new five hour syndicated eighties themed weekly classic hits program called “Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s”.


“24/7 FUN” launches which is a 24/7 classic hits network hosted by Tom Kent, Bill Shannon, Jackie Newton, and Steve Kent featuring all Tom Kent Radio Network programming and more!


Tom Kent Radio Network inks five year sales and distribution agreement with Dick Clark’s United Stations Radio Networks.  “The Classic Hits Countdown” launches which counts down 40 classic hits with a particular theme.  The program airs daily in one hour segments and all five hours combined on the weekend. 


Tom Kent Radio Network launches “Powerline” hosted by Brother Jon Rivers which is a five hour weekend inspirational classic hits program.  TKRN also launches “Totally 90s Now” which is a five hour weekend nineties themed show hosted by Tom Kent.  TKRN launches “The Music Magazine” hosted by Tom Kent which is a six hour daily Monday through Friday show with a different theme each hour i.e. “What’s This World Coming To” at 6p,  “The 70s at 7″ with “My 70s Show”, “The 80s at 8″ with “Lovin’ Life, Livin the 80s”, “Your Live Request Show” at nine, “The Classic Hits Countdown” at ten, and “The Number 1 Show” at eleven. 


Tom Kent Radio Network launches “Super 60s” hosted by Steve Kent which is a sixties based two hour weekend show. TKRN reaches 400 station affiliate mark with over 23 million weekly listeners! 


“The Double Play Doblay” launches replacing “The Number One Show” at 11p daily which is part of “The Music Magazine”.  “The Double Play Doblay” is an hour of classic hits twin spins by super star artists which airs Monday through Friday from 11p to 12 midnight.  “Decades Sundays” launches on “24/7 FUN” featuring “Super 60s” from 10a to 12n, “My 70s Show” from 12n to 5p, “Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s” from 5p to 10p and “Totally 90s Now” from 10p to 12 midnight.  On May 30, 2015, KLOU 103.3 FM becomes station number 500 to become an affiliate!


On Monday January 4, 2016, TKRN launches “TK AC LIVE” which is a five hour interactive fun show targeting AC and HOT AC stations nationwide hosted by Tom Kent.  It is delivered live via satellite Monday through Friday from 7p to 12 midnight becoming the only live syndicated daily music show.  This addition brings TKRN’s products to a total of 19!


Beginning January 1, 2017, Tom Kent Radio Network Cleveland begins new multi-year long term sales agreement with United Stations Radio Networks New York.  In addition, TKRN starts new multi-year satellite distribution agreement with Orbital Media Denver. Season 1 of What's This World Coming To, the Tom and Mike Podcast begins.


Beginning Monday January 1, 2018, TKRN launches the first ever “Music Magazine” format for weeknight Adult Contemporary Radio.  Also on this date, two new programs launch for AC radio.  They are “The Diva Diner” with Jackie Newton which celebrates the great women of Adult Contemporary Radio and features superstar female artists.  Also launching on this date is “TK 2K” hosted by Tom Kent which features hits from the first 10 years of the new millennium.  On June 29, TKRN launches "Sweet Soul Weekend" for both Urban and Classic Hits Radio formats hosted by legendary NYC radio personality Jeff Foxx.  On September 5, a brand new 24/7  format is born and launched by TKRN called "FUEL" targeting millennials.  FUEL is driven by high profile personalities round the clock.  The first affiliate for this groundbreaking new radio format is WQTX in Lansing Michigan.  The station is billed as "FUEL 92.1 Lansing's High Octane Fun!" On Friday October 19, TKRN launches "The Production Room"...a complete voice over production service featuring Jackie Newton, Bill Shannon, Jeff Foxx, and Tom Kent.  


Beginning June 1, 2019, I Heart Media adds "Powerline" for 24/7 world wide stream to their digital streaming platform.


Beginning February 1, 2020, "FUEL" format distribution moves from Denver to Cleveland. On Friday February 14, TKRN reaches major milestone of 600 radio station affiliates making TKRN the number one independent syndicated radio network in America!