Production Room

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A funny thing happened on the way to the production room.  I was stopped by several of my radio clients inquiring about some of our stellar talent personalities to perform on their local radio ads.  One such client said to me, "just imagine how much I'm able to elevate my local sales efforts with a big time national personality representing some of our great local establishments". 

It was one of those apple fell on my head light bulb moments where I literally went "duh". We could really help folks improve their local sales with our incredible talent line up!  All together our air staff collectively represents over a hundred years of on air experience!  Many of our folks have been national voices for great companies like "Walmart", "Sam's Club", "Geico", "NBC", "GM" and so many more!  Now we're all available for you.  

Please listen to our incredible line up of voices that can now be heard on your local station representing your local clients!  We're all available for barter or cash at a low rate that will surprise you.  When I'm shopping for a product I'm looking for quality and value.  Hear for yourself the quality and call us for the value.  It costs nothing to inquire.

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Tom Kent

Tom Kent is an American Radio Personality. Nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame and heard coast to coast and around the world, the personality of Tom Kent is an asset to any client based entity. Tom's incredible range of personality reads will instantly connect with your clients and audience.  His years of experience behind the microphone make Tom one of the most sought after voice actors in America.  Listen for yourself...

Jackie Newton

Jackie has perhaps more range than anyone on our staff as far as being able to interpret how each piece of copy is presented.  She can sound mature, young, fun, dramatic, whatever is required Jackie will deliver.  Radio, TV, Movies, or Narration, Jackie is incredibly talented and is becoming one of America's preeminent voice over talents.  Just listen to her amazing demo and see if you don't agree!