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I’m so excited to be bringing you one of the most fun shows in our vast arsenal of great shows! It’s TOTALLY 90S NOW! Remember the Gulf War, Bush 1, Hillary’s husband Bill, Monica’s dress and some of the best songs ever? Third Eye Blind, En Vogue, Collective Soul, Sheryl Crow, and so many more….they rocked our world as well as our airwaves! TOTALLY 90S NOW brings it all back in one fun filled five hour musical trip!

It was a time when I was raising my young family and working for Warner Music as the Midwest Promotion Manager for Elektra Records. Many of the artists I’ll feature on this show, I’ve met and know personally and are even friends with to this day. For that reason, this is probably my most personal show because of my involvement with so many of the artists in this ten year span. With that, I’ll share some fun stories of hanging out with these uniquely gifted and talented individuals.

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